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1.War Museum recognises the importance of secure transactions and has made all necessary provisions to ensure maximum possible transaction security for all data entered in the website. During all the steps of an online transaction through the website all data is encrypted via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) based on certificates by Symantec

2.Ensuring privacy in personal data transmission. For ensuring privacy while transmitting user data this “Site” uses the SSL encryption protocol.

3.Encryption: While entering payment details of credit card, all information and personal data are encrypted and transferred via HTTPS. 

4.Data Privacy: All data transfered to and from the website is strictly confidential and is never shared with any third parties. 

5.Any data retained by the site is done so purely for transactional purposes, and for purposes of contacting the customer conserning their transactions. 

6.Only qualified personel with appropriate permission has access to customer data, and only when needed to do so.

7.War Museum does not reveal user data nor transaction data beyond the limit set by the user and required for completing the requested service,