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Dr Efpraxia S. Paschalidou

War Museum/Member of Board


Born in Xanthi, Greece, in 1998.

Graduated from the Department of History and Archeology, School of Philosophy/University of Ioannina, Greece, specializing in history (1989). She obtained a Doctoral degree in Human Sciences at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2004), as a Scholar of the Hellenic State Scholarships Foundation (IKY). Moreover, she graduated from the Hellenic National Defence College, where she obtained a Diploma in Strategic Studies (2006) and a Master of Arts (MA) in Leadership Practice at Kingston University, London, in cooperation with the Hellenic National Defence College (2011). She attended the Advanced Modular Training of the European Security and Defence College (ESDC) in 2019, and various training programs on public administration at the National Centre for Public Administration & Local Government (EKDDA).

Working experience:

                  ·         1991 – 1993: Hellenic Parliament/MoP Assistant

                  ·         1993 – 2011: Historian in the Hellenic Army General Staff/Army History Directorate (HAGS/D4)

                  ·         2004 – : Member of the Hellenic Commission of Military History of the Hellenic National Defence General Staff (HCMH/HNDGS)

                                   as representative of the HAGS     

                  ·         2011 – : Director of the Historical Archives Service (HAGS/D4)

                  ·         2012 – : Full Member of the Service Board for the civilian personnel of the HAGS

                  ·         2015 – : Member of Board of the War Museum

                  ·         2015 – : Vice President of the International Commission of Military History (ICMH)

                  ·         2017 – : Full Member of the Service Board for the civilian personnel of thePublic Entities under the Ministry of National Defence (MoD)

                  ·         2019 – : Member of the Special Technical Committee for the National Action Plan on the rights of persons with disabilities,

                                  as representative of the MoD 

She has edited/written editions of the Army History Directorate and the Hellenic National Defence General Staff, i.e. The Struggle for Macedonia and the Events in Thrace, 1904 –1908 (1998), Historical titles of Greek Regiments and Brigades (2004), Index of Events of the Armed Forces (2015), 130 years Army History Directorate (2017), Joint Warfare across time – case studies from the Hellenic military history (in english, 2011, 2020).

She participates in international congresses in Greece and abroad (i.e. International Commission of Military History, PfP Consortium of Defense Academies and Security Studies Institutes, Austrian Museum & Institute of Military History, Austrian National Defence Academy, G. S. Rakovski National Defence Academy/Bulgaria,  Institute for Political Studies of Defence and Military History/Romania, Strategic Research Institute/Serbia, Turkish General Staff/ Military History Strategic Studies Division) and has published a large number of articles in international scientific journals, collective volumes and conference proceedings.

In the frame of her official duties she represents the Hellenic Army General Staff and the Hellenic National Defence General Staff in bilateral cooperations, in the field of military history. Her research interests focus on the history of the Hellenic Army in war periods.