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             Brigadier General


Panagiotis Anastopoulos holds the rank of brigadier general. He was born in Peristeri-Attiki on the 7th of January 1964. He started his studies as a cadet in the Hellenic Army Academy in September 1981 and graduated in 1985 as a second lieutenant infantry officer.

He acquired a US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) certificate as a Master Exercise Practitioner. He holds two Master’s Degrees in Public Relationships of the University of Indianapolis (US) and of the “Centre d’ Etudes Diplomatique et Strategique” (CEDS) of Paris and a Master of Arts in cricis management and  conflict prevention of the Scottish Center for International Studies (SCIS) of the Aberdeen (UK) University.

He has served as a director of the “Secretariat of the Politico Military Steering Committee” (PMSC)  of the multinational peacemaking Force of SE Europe (MPFSEE), Filippoupolis (PLOVDIV),Bulgaria. He has also served as a supervisor at the administrative office of South Eastern Defence Ministerial SEDM-CC and as a coordinator of the Greek Presidency MOD office in EU in the cabinet of the Minister of National Defense.

In addition, he assigned to the Operation Center of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection as a deputy commander and to the Steering Committee of the SE European countries as a representative of the General Secretary of Civil Protection. He has also participated in national and international civil protection exercises, mainly in the planning team.