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The Hellenic Republic wishing to honor all those who fought for the Freedom of our country, decided to establish a War Museum in 1964. The Museum was inaugurated in July 1975 and today is still operational. Its mission is the collection, preservation and exhibition of war relics, and the study, documentation and promotion of the struggles of the Greek nation from antiquity until today, in order to stimulate national memory and promote the historical continuity and the unity of Hellenism.


May 30, 2023: Event for the premiere of the film “The Philhellenes”

The Society for Hellenism and Philhellenism, in collaboration with the Philhellenism Museum and the Athens City Festival by the City of Athens,...

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The War Museum and the Association of Sculptors of Greece invite you to the opening of the anniversary themed sculpture...

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The excellent library of the War Museum in Athens, which every one of us must visit, has been operating continuously...

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